Kitchen Cabinet Styles to Consider when Opting for Handcrafted and Custom Made Joinery

21 October 2020

Your kitchen is one of the most important rooms in your home. It’s where you spend a huge lump of your day, getting ready dinners for yourself and your family and in some cases, in any event, eating there. Your cabinets are one of the most important parts of your kitchen, from its design style right the route through to its impeccable usefulness. Thus, one way of personalising your kitchen design is through handcrafted and custom made joinery. Kitchen cabinets are massively helpful, the difficult thing is knowing which to consider. Below are kitchen cabinet styles to consider when opting for handcrafted and custom made joinery.


Ultra contemporary kitchen cabinets create an immaculate look, like the shiny hardware-free cabinet doors in this sleek kitchen. Contemporary cabinets are marked by an absence of ornamentation and a simplicity of form, and can come in a range of materials.

Slab or Flat Panel

Today’s most accessible kitchen cabinet choice is a slab or flat panel cabinet. Streamlined, easy to clean and visually undemanding, mass produced versions are often made from MDF and covered in melamine, laminate or Thermo foil. But those same contemporary looking cabinets are also something you might find in a vintage or mid-century modern-inspired kitchen made from solid wood. While contemporary slab or flat panel cabinetry comes in a range of finishes, affordable prefab cabinets can also serve as an easy base for customisation

Glass Front

Glass front cabinets are often used sparingly in combination with solid cabinets, sometimes backlit for extra drama as showcases for the good china, vintage Champagne flutes, cobalt glass collection or other decorative dishware. But to really lighten up the solid block effect of a wall of cabinets, you can also use glass cabinets in a more deliberate and less precious way. The glass will give a visual clue that limits the need to open and close cabinets searching the right thing. And it keeps dust and kitchen grime from forming like open shelving.

Rustic Country-Style

Rustic country-style cabinets are characterized by a focus on the raw qualities of wood, often with an emphasis on wood grain, a distressed look and a lack of elaborate detail. At best it’s the stuff of mountain cabin getaways and authentic rural farmhouses, as a too literal version of this look can appear dated in more modern spaces.

Urban Rustic

Raw wood can also be used in a more sophisticated way to add texture and a focus on natural materials to contemporary kitchen cabinetry. The dark stain gives it a chic edge and the floor-to-ceiling wood on the cabinet wall adds polish. You can also mix wood finishes to add dimension, for example using darker colours on lower cabinets and going lighter on the uppers.


Louvered kitchen cabinets made with horizontal wood slats provide texture and interest. From a practical perspective they provide ventilation, which can be useful depending on what you are storing inside as well as the climate where your kitchen is located if high humidity and mould are an issue.


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